Stephanie’s desire to help businesses of all sizes succeed led her to create North Star Marketing. Her vision was to provide expert advice and services that were both affordable and accessible to businesses big and small. She knew that with her extensive knowledge of the industry, she could help businesses navigate the complex world of branding, marketing, and PR.

At North Star Marketing,

Digital Marketing Agency

At North Star Marketing, Stephanie leads a team of experts who share her passion for creating effective and impactful campaigns. Together, they work closely with clients to develop customised strategies that reflect their brand identity and resonate with their target audience.

Stephanie’s northern English roots have shaped her approach to business. She values hard work, integrity, and honesty, and brings these values to every project she works on. Her friendly and approachable manner has helped her build strong relationships with clients, and she takes pride in delivering results that exceed expectations.

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Thank you for choosing North Star Marketing, where Stephanie and her team are dedicated to helping your business shine.